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MR.XQUISIT TO FILM VIDEO FOR “I CAN’T TAKE” LONG BEACH, CA -- Just Music is shooting a video for its marquis artist Mr Xquisit. The video shoot is on Oct. 10th at Sevilla's in Long Beach, one of the top 30 clubs in the country. An exclusive wrap party will follow the shoot at the same location. The video is for the song "I can't Take" which was featured in the OC weekly compilation CD. This breathtaking video is going to feature sexy Playboy Playmate/Model & Surreal Life star Andrea Lowell who is the host of the #1 rated show on playboy radio and features segments with Playboy founder Hugh Hefner with over 4million listeners daily. This Xquisit Affair is sponsored by Ty Ku, Primitive, and Orakel Dynasty. Behind the scenes coverage of the event will feature Real Housewives of Orange County Star Ashley Zarlin.

Mr Xquisit - The Most High

2011 Mixtape Of The Year. Braggadocious in its title, "The Most High," Mr.Xquisit's heralded Mixtape is just that, "The Most High!" The 20 track opus takes its listeners on nothing short of an "Xquisit Xperienz." The album starts with Mr.Xquisit displaying his lyrical prowess and complexities through a mastery of unconventional punchlines and metaphor, The album then takes an instrospetive turn to the depth of poverty and plight in the one most the violent places on the planet Jamaica. In between the braggadocious wordplay, the Playboy attitude, the high energy club bangers, and the analytical introspection, Mr Xquisit even has the inspirational: My Sista, and Feel Good Music.

Mr. Xquisit, 'Hypnotix Muzik'

In the ultra-slick, diamond-encrusted world of contemporary hip-hop, it just isn’t enough to be a talented wordsmith with a smooth and resonant voice. You must have brand potential—be genuinely charming, impeccably dressed and attractive—just to get a Nike Air Max 1 in the door of the industry. A postal envelope covered in pictures of yourself also helps, which is how baby-faced heartthrob Mr. Xquisit (not his real name—you think?) got our attention. Ambitious and driven, his 15-track LP Hypnotix Muzik blasts a badass conglomeration of sharp beats and rhymes.